Thursday, January 3, 2013

A resolution-In writing

One of my more realistic New Years Resolutions is to update our blog more often.  I have been selfish with my time and when I have a free moment, I usually spend the time snuggling my very rapidly growing baby or reading a toddler paced story about animals.  So much has happened since the last time I posted, I fear I won't catch up.  Hopefully I can start with the big events and go from there. 
-The kids and I had an awesome trip to Georgia and North Carolina.  We got to show off our new arrival and let Caroline charm the pants off everyone.  (This trip had a small hospital stay for Caroline, but the Doctors and staff at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta were amazing.  They even let me keep Everly in the room with us!)
-Parker turned 4!
-Everly was baptised.  We had her baptism the same weekend as Parker's celebration and had a house full of visitors. 

-Matthew had a birthday, (a big one) and since he really couldn't take off from work, I brought a small party to him.
-Parker started Montessori school. 
-We FINALLY bought a camera worth taking pictures on.  (I really can't believe how long it's taken us.)

-We had a fantastic visit from Matthew's Dad (Papa Keith) and Grandma Vicki. 
-Parker broke his leg and got a cast up to his hip.  I don't even want to talk about it. 
-On TWO separate occasions, someone has run into the back of my 4Runner (the last one caused almost $9,000 in damage.)  These Virginians need to learn to drive!
As we start 2013, our family is preparing for a deployment and an open heart surgery. 

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