Friday, April 3, 2015

Unsettled at home

We were sent home yesterday!  After having labs and Caroline's potassium levels increased and a ECHO that showed a good circulation...we waited for over 3 hours to get word that her chest X-ray (done after the second drainage tube was pulled) showed no change from the previous one done the day before.  The nurse practitioners and I decided that I could do exactly the same thing for her at home as in the hospital.  We increased the diuretics for take home and added a potassium supplement to prevent the rhythm issues that happened earlier in the week.  If she stays asymptomatic, I will take her back to the hospital for a surgical post op visit on Wednesday.  So, we're praying for PEE!!!  A lot of it.  We need her lungs to clear up and the fluid around them to dissipate.  I have been warned that we may be readmitted at our visit Wednesday if she looks worse.  I also have a laundry list of signs to look for in case she needs to be taken in sooner.  So far, she's doing great (as far as I can tell)! 

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