Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 years...already?

April 25th was our anniversary, and we celebrated by having a much needed dinner without little Parker in tow. There shouldn't be any breath holding for pictures, because I'm pretty sure none were even taken. We did, however, take pictures after dinner of the bravest squirrel I've encountered. Two, actually...right outside the FBI building, downtown DC.

Navy Memorial and Supply Corps Exhibit

We were fortunate to visit the Navy Memorial when their main exhibit was detailing the Supply Corps. Parker had fun running around looking at pictures and enjoying the open space.

He almost had as much fun as his Daddy...

New Kids...

We're so behind the times! Be patient as I figure out how everything works. Parker is getting so big, and doing new things every day. We stay as busy as possible, spending every available moment outside enjoying this beautiful spring weather. Matthew and I have recently knocked off some of our "Places to See" from our list thanks to Gma and Gpa Duncan. Gettysburg was amazing and it made me realize how much I really didn't know about the Civil War. We're looking forward to seeing Aunt Wynn in a few days!