Sunday, August 29, 2010

Parker's First Baseball Game

Matthew and I were not so sure about taking Parker to a baseball game. We were surprised to have him sit and watch the game for about an hour before we had to get up and let him run around. We were lucky it was a good game, so there weren't very many people up and moving around at the same time. We got his picture taken with the Nationals"mascots", let him eat his fill of pizza and popcorn, and he got to sport his hat that Uncle Mark bought him.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Parker's Birthday/National Zoo

Since the Hamel's moved and we have no friends...Parker had to spend his 2nd birthday with his boring parents and his Nana. We tried to plan something fun with some other kids, but apparently August is pretty popular with Birthday's and traveling. We ended up at the National Zoo, which turned out to be pretty fun for us all.

Parker's new toy fixture is Thomas the train... Elmo still gets thrown into the mix, but when hardcore bribing is called for, Thomas is my ace.