Friday, December 9, 2011

Photo Card

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pretty Days

We've been enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures here (not that I'm complaining one bit) and I find myself outside with Parker and Caroline as much as possible.  We recently went to the Virginia Living Museum after an unpleasant Doctor's appointment.

Thanksgiving was uneventful.  It turns out that I'm a Scrooge when it comes to Thanksgiving festivities all together.  It's not a "church" holiday.  And I believe we should all be thankful more than one designated day a year... I know I am.  So, I sucked it up and made a larger than normal meal and watched the Macy's parade on TV with only a small chip on my shoulder.  Americans don't need any excuses to eat more calories, and to "celebrate" the beginning of the end for an entire population of Native people isn't exactly something I'll cherish in teaching my children.  Matthew put up with me, saying I was like his Dad (sorry Papa Keith)...I think he was just happy he got pumpkin pie.  Sorry I don't have pictures of the spread, or the kids for Thanksgiving.  My phone didn't do any justice to the cuteness we had going on. 

We go Monday morning to see the cardiologist.  Even Parker gets an ECHO.  We don't expect to find anything.  I just think for my sanity, I'd like to be sure he was heart healthy.  It's too soon to be talking about the Fontan for Caroline, so hopefully we'll have a very generic check up with nothing new going on.  She's gaining weight bit by bit since her being hospitalized last.  We've seen a nutritionist to be sure we don't fall off the curve, but she's doing good for a heart baby.