Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pre-Glenn Curse

I don't even know where to begin to update everyone on what is going on in the Duncan house.  Yeah, it's a lot.  We moved into our new house in Hampton Roads (that's just a fancy way of saying we live in the Norfolk area, along with the other million Navy families) over the Memorial Day weekend.  Getting settled is harder than it looks, and I find myself still surrounded by boxes full of things I'd never miss if they just got brought out to the garbage bin.  Matthew left Sunday for school in Rhode Island, and we are having a hard time trying to arrange a way for him to get to DC in time for him to see Caroline before surgery.  I have been fighting an uphill battle since Matthew left, and if it could go wrong...you'd better bet that it has.  I had to call a plumber on Sunday night because Parker ran the jogging stroller into the water pipes in the garage.  The water main had to be shut off, and I'm pretty lucky that I was standing nearby when it happened.  Parker thought it was great, he had "mud puddles" to stomp in.  Yesterday, we all went out in the evening for a post dinner walk. When we got home, I realized that I had locked the keys in the house.  So, without my wallet, keys (obviously), phone, diapers, juice...you get the idea, we went begging from the new neighbors.  I found someone that was able to lend us a phone and a phonebook so my very embarassed self could call a locksmith.  At this point, Caroline was really sweaty (not a good thing with a heart baby) and I was entering panic attack mode.  More than once I considered just breaking a window, if that tells you what kind of fun situation it was.  We all survived and the first chance I get, guess who is taking a monster fieldtrip to Home Depot to make some copies...me!  
While the hits just keep on coming, the one constant, looming always somewhere near is Caroline's Glenn.  She and I are leaving before the sun rises on Monday morning to make it to Children's for her pre-op appointment.  I was told that this "appointment" could take up to 8 hours.  After being subjected to every test known to man, Caroline gets to go stay at the Washington D.C. Ronald McDonald house with me.  I am stressing about this because like any home away from home, I have a hard time controlling germs and contact with anything that could potentially get her sick.  Catching something that close to surgery would make her recovery much harder, so I'm planning on being "that Mom" with a full tub of Clorox wipes and a suitcase of our own sheets and blankets.  Please pray that Caroline has no complications, and that we are able to get in and out without any major hiccups.

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  1. Bless you mom!We will be praying for lil' Caroline and y'all tomorrow and the days to come.I wish there was something I could do to take some of the worry, stress, and just such longing concern away from you. Plus, it really seems you have had your hands full. God bless you and your family!