Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fontan Update

I took Caroline in to Portsmouth Naval Hospital today for her heart check up. First, I'd like to thank Amanda for taking a day off work and flying up here from Atlanta for one night and a whole lot of chaos to keep Everly while I took Caroline to the cardiologist. Parker was at school. I can't express how great it was to actually give 100% to Caroline during an appointment for once. With that being said, on with the update. Dr. Alderson seems to think that waiting until August for the Fontan is entirely possible. They were able to get all the tests done (even the ECHO) that supported our decision to wait until Matthew is home from deployment. Dr. A seemed impressed that C's oxygen saturation was in the low 90's, and she didn't seem concerned about the infrequent blue episodes. For once in a very long time, I actually got all my questions answered at the office, without losing my mind trying to wrangle my 3 littles. Although I still have some questions and concerns about timing, type of Fontan and making the trip up to DC (they want us to schedule the catheterization and OHS together), my hope is that as time passes that I can find answers that make me more comfortable with the process. As comfortable as one can be, handing off your child to have their chest opened and their source of life stopped.
As we have now entered the "two's", we won't call them terrible for now. She's been head strong and sassy since birth and I think she has such a strong spirit for a reason. I just have to keep telling myself that, for now.

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