Thursday, March 26, 2015


Caroline had a very anxiety filled blood draw this morning about 4 am.  Because she is such a hard stick and they blew so many veins during surgery trying to start lines, we were dreading seeing the phlebotomist.  We got super lucky and she got labs on the first try.  Not a very fun way to wake up in the morning... We also had to go downstairs to get a chest X-ray right after labs.  We got to try out our new wagon!  

This little girl is wicked tough. She has deemed it necessary to go to the potty and pee.  She hasn't had narcotic pain relief in 12 hours. She's starting to eat a little, and has begun smiling more and telling jokes. 

They came in and separated her chest tubes so we can monitor drainage more closely. Waiting on her to pee a little more with Lasix and the tubes to drain less before we can talk about home. 

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