Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools!

Every day I feel like I hear, "Just one more day" from the doctor or nurse practitioners.  Caroline had 4am labs again followed by a dramatic and sassy trip to X-ray.  I realized that something was up when rounds were later than usual (after 9), and the NP informed me that her right side (where the tube was pulled days ago) has accumulated fluid along with her lungs. She's on 3 types of diuretics to counter this (Lasix, Aldactone, Diuril) and that in turn is causing her potassium levels to drop dangerously low. So she's getting replacement potassium 3 times a day. It tastes horrible!  Low potassium is dangerous because it makes her heart beat irregularly and at an unsafe rate. Her pacer is there to help with her own electrical system, but since this is a 'controlled dehydration', her body is responding accordingly.  Her drainage was 90ml over the past 24 hours, with the last 12 hours being 40ml. They're looking for a significant drop in number to show that the tube is ready to be pulled.  I think it's fair to assume they jumped the gun a bit with the other one. 

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