Sunday, March 27, 2011

Picture Perfect

We have been enjoying what little Spring weather we have had here. I'm sure the tourists would be really disappointed if the frost killed all the cherry blossom blooms. Now that the time has changed, on nice days either Matthew or I are able to take Parker outside to play for a while. I feel guilty keeping him tucked inside all the time and I know he isn't getting enough exercise. With the change of season and Easter around the corner, I have been thinking about having pictures taken. My husband HATES the whole picture taking process, but 2 times a year so far I have managed to get him in front of a camera. Because Caroline is shunt dependent and this interstage is considered very delicate, I can't just drag everyone down to the local Olan Mills. Parker was having his pictures taken when he was a few days old and I don't want the Princess getting cheated with having a nice collection of photos taken on a cell phone. We do have a digital camera, but I'm the last person alive that should be trusted taking nice pictures. This is an ongoing problem...so I'll be sure to post as soon as we figure out the solution.

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