Friday, March 4, 2011

A rare midday moment

Nap time is pretty much not possible in the D.C. Duncan house. Today, I really needed a break and I wanted to sing and dance when Parker went down with only a minimal tantrum. I could so get used to this. First, you all must hear what he did before actually going to sleep. At nap time, he goes and gets in his "big boy" bed. I set the kitchen timer and don't stick around to bargain. So, when things got really quiet, really quick...I knew something was up. My sweet little monster had gotten into a jar of baby vaporub that had been left out and begun smearing it all over himself. After assesing the situation and determining it not necessary to call poison control, I very calmly washed him off and returned him to bed. Never a dull moment. Caroline slept through the whole ordeal.

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