Sunday, February 6, 2011

A beautiful day

Since it was a beautiful day and the Duncan men are all sick with the yuck, it was perfect for Matthew to take Parker down to see the airplanes at DCA. It will be a very exciting day for me when Parker finally gets to see his baby sister. He rubs my belly on his visits and asks where she is. I can't help thinking it would be easier if I could just show him. But for now, pictures and talking about her will have to do.


  1. He is so Awesome, that smile will make you smile! He's going to be a good big brother!

  2. things are going great!!! seriously... this is the very very best you could hope for. she is doing just fine! i have a little gift for you and i will drop it by tomorrow if i remember. or one other day this week. we have our pre op tomorrow. please e mail me at katiesnote@aol.com and let me know which room you are in.

    thinking of you! you are doing so well... unbelievable how strong you are. maybe you are just a great "reporter" but i am very impressed. thanks for keeping us imformed and see you soon. please let me know if you need anything, like something i can bring you from my home... shampoo, deodorant, whatever....


  3. Lauren, Caroline is beautiful, your little man is handsome and you and Matt are
    doing great! You r such a strong woman and you all will
    Get thru all this and be stronger for it. U r
    all in r thoughts and prayers.
    The Garramones