Saturday, February 12, 2011

Really?! Anything else?

Caroline and I watched the sun rise over the city this morning. Somehow holding a sweet baby in your arms makes this rotten place seem peaceful. That and all the a-holes like to sleep in on the weekend. The baby is still doing well and progressing.
Parker, believe it or not, has been the one I have been worrying about. This stomach thing he has really knocked him on his butt. Matthew came to the hospital and spent some time with Caroline and I yesterday, but when he got home...Parker was really dehydrated and sluggish, and in a lot of pain. So he did what I would have probably done. Threw him in the car and took him to the ER. After some IV fluids and some not so peaceful rest, they sent him home. Hopefully he will feel better today. I can't take much more of not seeing my boy. Almost every room here in the HKU is on contact isolation (that means they have something that NO ONE wants to get) so I feel like I can't leave...I may catch a germ and bring it back in here to Caroline, making our stay much longer and more eventful. You would think hospitals were clean, huh?


  1. Hang in there Lauren! We are praying for you all. Hopefully Parker will be on the mend soon..in time for you and Caroline to arrive at home!

    Caroline looks very precious! (well except for that zipper up her chest! poor thing!)
    Wish we were closer to help out.
    love and hugs
    Toni and family

  2. oh yeah....hopefully nothing else!!!!!!!!